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Habit Change is a process and not a quick fix, it is about creating habits for your long term greater good, whether that be emotionally or physically.

Remember you’re taking tiny steps towards your future you, not revisiting the intense regimes with the boomerang results you’ve tried before.

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Mindset: “You never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your own head.”


Is your everyday self-talk and language positive?

Are you being kind to yourself, do you praise yourself for your wins or do you focus on the tiny setbacks? Do you practice gratitude? Tell yourself you can do this!

When faced with a challenging decision, however small, give yourself 5 seconds and practice W.A.I.T. WHAT AM I THINKING? (Or even WTFAIT? 😉)

Remind yourself of the reward you will feel after a wise decision - when you don’t have to carry the weight of guilt or disappointment in yourself for the next few hours (days or years!)

It might be W.A.I.T. “Where Am I Today”. Am I on track? Am I thinking like the future me? Or Yes – I’ve got this, I can do this! I’m loving this new me….

 A great practice to get into is to imagine or visualise how you will feel and behave as the new you? What does the new you say to temptation, how do you cope with pressure? How will you organise your life?  How will your friends, family, partner or children benefit or respond to the confident, amazing or slimmer more vibrant new you? How good does it feel?

"Habit Change is a disrupter in the personal development space."

Studies have shown that Habit Change Intervention methodologies can be applied to a whole range of personal development concerns as well as health & well-being-related goals.

It even works for weight loss!

Delivered using the scientifically based principles of identifying and working on a few micro habits associated with the desired outcomes at a time,  rather than a 'broad brush' or sweeping approach to 'behaviours', leads to strong habit formation and sustainable implementation of change. 

Clients often go on to use their newly learned skills and the step-by-step process to make changes in all areas of their life...

Dr. Gina Cleo Ph.D., M.Nutr.Diet (Hons), and the Founder of the Australian-based Habit Change Institute has a history of conducting groundbreaking and robust peer-reviewed research. 

In her words; "So much of your everyday life is dictated by your habits; in fact, nearly half of everything you do is habitual. So, if you want to improve your life, you have to know how to change your habits effectively."

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